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Second Chance Art

Recycle, reuse and repurpose are buzz words for the green movement. Old items that are broken or no longer useful do not go into the trash. Instead, they are remade into new pieces or melted down to create new items. The green movement has done wonders for the world of art. Sculpting, woodworking and glass are all mediums that have greatly profited by the use of old materials in new creations. Pieces from buildings, furniture and household items are incorporated into new works of art.

Sculpting new art out of old pieces of metal is recycling and repurposing at its best. A set of industrial pipes can be turned into a modern light sculpture. It will be proudly displayed by the new owner who has a unique creation. For the artist, using pieces of metal that would have been thrown away represents a chance to get supplies at a low cost. It also gives them a chance to stretch their creativity in new ways. Figuring out how they can combine old pieces with new ones gives them a starting point for their next creation.

Woodworking has been a boon for those who want to keep landfills emptier and create art at the same time. Old furniture and buildings provide many opportunities for woodworkers. Even trees that are being cut down no longer need to be burned in a wood stove or pit. Tree limbs can be carved or lathed for new creations. Old furniture is broken down to add to new pieces being created. The addition of metal and glass to old wooden beams or furniture legs can make useless pieces into a unique coffee table or end table. There are endless ways for woodworkers to give new life to old pieces.

Glass art has always benefitted from recycling. Glass pieces have been welcome in the crucible for many centuries. They help to make new glass during the melting process. The current trend in art fusion has been another area where artists can give new life to old pieces. Stained glass studios are an excellent example of this trend. The making of stained glass leaves many smaller pieces of colored glass available. Artists can combine these pieces to make new art pieces that will have their own life for many years to come.