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Viewing Art with a Friend

There are many times in life when going places alone is no fun at all. Art viewing at galleries or museums is one of those places. Without a friend, there is no one to admit they don’t understand the painting either. Without a friend, a beautiful sculpture is not shared. With a friend, attending a showing at a gallery or museum is an entirely different experience. The friend is a person with a valued opinion. Whether or not both people agree is immaterial. The important part of being with a friend is the social aspect of a shared experience.

It is not always easy to find a friend with all the same tastes in art or other hobbies. It is important for an art lover to have at least one friend with a love of art. It doesn’t matter if the friend likes the same artists or genres. What matters is the ability to spend time together in a meaningful way. Art is a form that is meant to be shared from the artist to the viewer and from the viewer with other people. It is not created to be seen in a vacuum.

People who love art often attend many of the same events. Getting to know other people at events such as special showings is a great way to socialize. It may lead to a deeper friendship. If not, at least knowing someone else at these events makes them more worthwhile. Often times people attend events by themselves. Those are the people most likely to be willing to share their views on art pieces.

It is not mandatory to always have someone else present when visiting a gallery or museum. It simply makes the visit a more pleasant experience. Finding someone with the same preferences is not always easy. The search for a friend with the same hobbies may be long, but it is worth the effort.