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What is an Art Studio?

While viewing art in a museum or gallery, an art viewer can almost imagine the artist working away in a loft or attic room. The light comes in through the dusty window, yet it has an amazing clarity. The floorboards are plain, and the walls are old wood. There is paint and an easel being used. The artist holds a palette and brush. Over in the corner is the sculpture that has not been finished. It needs a few more tweaks before going to the gallery. This may have been a scene from the days when artists were poor and unappreciated. These days, modern art studios are a comfortable place for artists to work.

An art studio can be in any room of a building. It does not need to be hidden in the attic or loft. It can be on the main floor of a home or office building. An artist who must suffer through blazing hot summers and freezing winters is no longer a reality. Modern studios have heat and air conditioning. While many studios have neutral walls and flooring, this reflects the trends in modern interior design rather than destitution. Computers are another modern improvement in art studios.

Studying in a studio situation used to be a large room with at least 20 people. All of them were at their easels, doing their best to draw or paint the model in the center of the room. That is not always the case these days. Many studios are in private homes. Artists restrict their classes to fewer students for a more personal experience. They may also restrict class size due to smaller rooms and limited vehicle parking.

The cliché of the artist who creates beautiful pieces in the poorest of settings has changed a great deal. Artists are no longer exiled to poverty and suffering. Modern studios in homes and office buildings are the norm for many artists. For those who still prefer the sterility of a loft, there are loft apartments and industrial studios for rent in the inner cities. For artists who prefer a country setting, there are apartment towers with green-belt views. Of course they can always search for a vacant barn in the countryside if they want to forego modern amenities.